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May 23rd, 2008

12:14 am - poly amour 'til death do us part

A wedding invitation for a small simple role playing workshop staged for the finale of In The Land Where the Tiger Smoked, my collaboration with Torsten Zenas Burns.

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September 27th, 2007

11:29 pm - Other Turbans at Video Dumbo, Saturday
Other Turbans is included in Eye Candid as part of Brooklyn's Video Dumbo Festival at 81 Front Street, Saturday, September 29th, 7pm.  If you missed its premiere at Monkey Town earlier this month come see what is perhaps my most personal film to date.  Other Turbans is an experimental documentary and part three in my hearing loss trilogy.  As post-operative subject, I end up stumbling across Max Neuhaus’s Times Square and walk through a field of high tension wires via contemplative excursions while adjusting to my new implant.

For more info go to:

The rest of the program as well as the video festival itself look very worth checking out.  Unfortunately, I won’t be there. But just wanted to give you a heads up on the event.  

For more go to:

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August 15th, 2007

12:52 am - This Thursday: Luminous Procuress in Brooklyn
If anyone is up for seeing a rare to see film at Monkey Town in Williamsburg this Thursday go to this link.  RSVPing is recommended. The site describes the work by asking us to picture "Derek Jarman and Jack Smith having a baby raised by Kenneth Anger and James Bidgood." And that's just name dropping. The rest of the description is what got my attention. I'll be there and around NYC for a few days. What's weird is they don't mention The Cockettes, which is mostly what I come across while looking up info about the film. Hope to run into some of you.

Still from Stephen Arnold's Luminous Procuress

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August 8th, 2007

10:14 am - Censorship and Homophobia from Bluehost.com!
I recently helped by boyfriend put up his website of art photography. I told him to use Bluehost.com since it was the web service provider I was using, and I thought they seemed pretty good. After only two weeks, Bluehost pulled the plug on his site claiming he was delivering pornography. They did this without any warning.

After he called to inquire, they exclaimed that "if you can't see it in a Disney movie" they consider it pornographic.  It's funny, their initial page doesn't seem to market themselves as the web service for parents and kids, and they obviously haven't seen the bare-breasted, ass-slapping excerpt of The Abominable Freedom on my site.

You need only to look for yourself at what they consider pornographic to begin to wonder if they have mixed pornography up with the word homosexuality. In other words, in the context of Jamil's sixty some photographs there are only three that show nudity. The style of these three photographs on there own is a far cry from porn. In the context of the other works, even less so. So what's there problem?

My site expires in January and I don't plan on continuing with them. If any of you out there are considering choosing a web hosting provider or know anyone that is....stay far away from Bluehost.com and spread the word!!! Jamil's website is now up and running via Godaddy.com.

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July 16th, 2007

12:14 pm - Danger Zone
Hey all SFers and possible SF visitors...

Ever wonder what it would be like to unveil your own implant? While some of you may already know, come find out how I responded. I'm premiering a new video called Other Turbans at Studio 27 as part of an evening of international shorts addressing the "boundaries of conformity or danger in both public and personal spaces."

Friday, July 20th at 9pm, 689 Bryant Street. See link for more details.

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June 29th, 2007

04:24 pm - The Fiction Science Triangle
In a little over 4 hours, The Fiction Science Triangle comes to San Francisco.

There is no advance notice. For more info go to Studio 27

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June 20th, 2007

12:34 am - scenes from a vilm that is continually shot
Pics from a grass valley shoot in the early spring. Thank you bearsgonewild and grassvalleybear!! More to come of the most recent one soon.

more pics behind the cutCollapse )

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May 16th, 2007

09:59 am - update
Hey, I've been away from LJ a while. I'm just posting a few pics of places I've been...exploring CA a lot more this year. What an amazing state. My camera recently broke while taking pics of the new bf (har har), so the last few months of pics will have to do.

On other news, my fabulous first intern destroyed all my India negatives. Last post I wrote that I'd be putting some up on occasion. Will do eventually, but if they are extra scratchy blame it on ceramic dust. Believe me...many of them are beyond photoshop repair.

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January 19th, 2007

08:36 am - All things old are new again
I'm sure that is someone else's line. But for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking it in relation to pondering a pseudo-stereoscopic photo series I took but never activated into anything, when I was but a wee lad traveling for 6 months in India...followed by a month in Nepal. I'll be posting some at a later date. I have an intern unearthing/digitizing the negatives for me. She rocks!! I'm so excited.

Before I handed over the film, I tried to take all the pics of me out of the loop but was looking over her shoulder to find her looking at pics like the one above. Yikes!! But I had even messier hair and I was all cobwebbed up in mosquito netting. I won't be posting those.

I'm also weeding through a journal written of my adventures but when typed I took every other word out of every sentence and left only every seventh sentence in full. I may fill in some blanks or maybe not. I know there is a multi-channel video piece in here somewhere. If not, maybe I'll at least find the something I don't know I'm looking for.

PS. Live Journal look under construction. Trying to make it tie into my website more. Still workin' out the kinks.

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January 15th, 2007

01:45 pm - Free to Be...You and Me Invitational at PFA this Wed!!!
Free to Be...You and Me Invitational will be screening at Pacific Film Archive (PFA) on Wed. Jan. 17th at 7:30pm. My piece begins the program...the premise of which is that I tracked down four of the original kids on the merry-go-round to have them read the title song they road horsey to some 30+ years ago. Two just so happen to be fellow LJers...our very own kitchenbeard and egbubba! I know some of you may have seen this on-line, but if all goes well, it will be the first time this gets screened in its original format, HDV widescreen.

Hope to see you there, if you're interested and can make it!

egbubba at work!

Below is more information about the screening's inception taken from the Ocularis website:

Inspired by a Brooklyn film artist’s recent discovery that his 16mm collection contained multiple copies of the celebrated 1974 film (for television) Marlo Thomas’s Free To Be...You and Me, Ocularis has devised a scheme to put his reels to good use. More than twenty film and video artists will be invited to rework, restage, respond to, satirize, criticize, or in their own way create short works inspired by the original’s all-too-memorable segments, including “It’s All Right to Cry,” “William Wants a Doll,” “Ladies First,” and “Parents Are People.”

Conceived by Erik Z and Nick Hallett.
Curated by Thomas Beard and Nick Hallett of Ocularis.

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